We are all set for the FIWARE Domain DAYS in September but there is still time to get involved in the October, November, and December virtual events. The Domain DAYS provide a fantastic opportunity for our community to showcase the role of Open Source in a variety of relevant FIWARE domains (all of which you can see in the box below), with keynote and specialist speeches, as well as top-notch use cases from across the globe. Do you feel like you have an interesting angle to tap into, a great FIWARE-powered use case to present, or experiences you think would be valuable to share with the audience? Get in touch with the FIWARE Marketing Team so we can discuss how best to accommodate your contribution.

Upcoming FIWARE Domain DAYS

FIWARE Water DAY (17 September), Future Mobility DAY (18 September), FIWARE Circular Economy DAY (21 September), FIWARE Healthcare DAY (8 October), FIWARE Smart Industry DAY (15 October), FIWARE Smart Cities DAY ed. 1 (22 October), FIWARE Smart Cities DAY ed. 2(5 November), FIWARE AgriFood Ecosystem DAY (12 November), FIWARE Blue Economy DAY (26 November) and Future Mobility DAY ed. 2 (3 December)