Open Call for engagement in ICT Standardisation

The 2023 initiative recently published Open call #2 for engagement in ICT Standardisation. This could be an interesting funding opportunity for your members!

The project launches a series of 10 Open Calls spanning across a 3-years timeline, providing 3 million Euro through a cascade grant process to support participation of over 400 European standardization specialists for their contributions in the key international and global SDOs and standards consortia.

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FIWARE Energy DAY – Edition 2

For the last few years, FIWARE Foundation has been supporting local energy communities, utilities, and energy services providers in pursuing innovation, and with the second edition of the FIWARE Energy DAY, it is aiming to present new achievements and opportunities thanks to a programme featuring world-renowned speakers and experts, showcasing a series of exciting case studies demonstrating how easily local energy communities can develop and integrate new, innovative services in the grid.

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FIWARE Context Broker: The engine for future energy systems

Gianluca Dianese has published a very insightful article on how the FIWARE generic enablers have accelerated the development of a “micro grid services” solution. The project has delivered many benefits such as assessing the real impact of “System of Systems” approaches applied to local energy communities and marketplaces.

We highly recommend that you read more here.