More and more industrialised regions of Europe are suffering from daily congestions in their urban and logistic infrastructure, with a heavy toll on quality of life of the residents of the areas close to transportation infrastructures. Pollution, CO2 emissions, increase stress and negative impact on the economy are only a few of the most negative results of this picture.

In the last few years, especially in urban areas, the testing and implementation of new smart mobility concepts has shown promising results in reducing some of such negative results, with a positive impact on the more relevant mobility and environmental KPIs.

One of the major goals of such initiatives, like  Smart MaaS (Mobility as a Service) is to build an Open Source, standardized mobility service platform and reference architecture that allows for the creation of new innovative mobility services. This includes a new trusted marketplace that allows for interoperability between different modes of transport. As part of the project, new mobility services are being designed and trialed.

The Smart MaaS platform uses the domain-neutral FIWARE infrastructures and technologies developed as a service-oriented generic platform under EU funding programs. FIWARE is increasingly seen as the international standard for Open Source middleware for IoT and Smart City applications which strongly includes Mobility. The project Smart MaaS is part of the technology program “Smart Service Welt II”, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi).

What will mobility look like in the after-COVID period and in the longer-term future? How can we create the required mobility ecosystem? Can an exemplary marketplace, where innovative mobility services are clustered and linked to new market-driven services, help to create the required mobility shift?

We will have a look at how car rental on-demand, car sharing, bike sharing, electric or driverless vehicles, intelligent transport, and other areas feed into a Mobility as a Service platform, what this means for new business models and our ways to move around in the city and outside thanks to digital technologies.


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