The world of energy is changing rapidly, bringing changes to the way we live, do business and interact with the environment. It is evident that the Energy sector represents not only a strategic area of our identity as citizens of the world, but it is also the key to ensure that safety, social and environmental objectives of our societies are achieved by transitioning the way in which energy is produced, transmitted, distributed, and used. While innovation helps us to address resilience, affordability and vulnerability within the sector, the combined bottom-up pressure from urban authorities and the top-down push from national regulators could be of extreme benefit, supporting the changes deemed necessary in the Energy sector. It could hereby fasten and scale-up the transition process to new digital infrastructure management and business models.


The IDEASFORUM Community was born out of the smart energy mission support committee of the FIWARE Foundation and its work in cooperation with Linux Foundation for Energy, DG Energy and DG CNECT of the European Commission and the CEF Digital Program Team.

The members of the Competence Centre are all actively participating to the open source community. The community is focused on supporting the development of software to accompany the energy transition and assure that the digitalisation of the energy infrastructure has the right tool. Our goal is a balanced integration of new renewable sources in the smart grids of Europe.

Thanks to the support of all our members (Academia, research centres, Utilities, Industry and the public sector), the Competence Centre is able to provide support on new software tools for TSOs, DSOs and local energy communities. The identification and further development of data models for specific energy use cases contributes to assess on what standards would support the implementation of energy projects better.

The use of FIWARE generic enablers in smart energy applications
The use of FIWARE generic enablers in smart energy applications

Knowledge Base Smart Energy

FIWARE Foundation – Smart Energy Mission Support Committee: The Smart Energy Mission Support Committee gathers experts and thought leaders from around the world, focusing on promoting the development of solutions to support the digital energy transition.

Smart Data The Smart Data Models sponsored by the FIWARE Foundation gathers relevant ontologies and data models to support in the development of applications in various domains.

Green Energy data models: A selection of data models to support clean energy applications.

SARGON (Smart eneRGy dOmain oNtology): Derived from SAREF, it supports the development of smart applications integrating categories of energy devices in need of a standardized ontology.

Smart Energy Data model: Provides access to relevant data models for the development of energy applications.

Energy Storage data model: Provides access to standardised data models to support the development of energy storage applications.

Street Lighting Data Model: Provides access to data models for the development of outdoor lighting applications.

Linux Foundation for Energy Program (LFE): The Linux Foundation for Energy Program is an open source initiative to which both FIWARE and IDEASFORUM contribute.


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