Smart Cities

Our Competence Centre brings together international Technology Experts with Behavioural Scientists, Sociologist and Economists co capture complete new perspectives of digital transformation

Smart Mobility

Our Competence Centre helps not only delivering quick implementation projects, but also compliance, security and interoperability across mobility digital infrastructures.

Smart Energy

The environmental challenges of the next 30 years will define the future of our planet. Our experts are inviting You to join them and work together to make a difference!

The Open Source Culture

The Open Source culture of Sharing, Collaboration and Co-creation is what inspires us to push forward and work together using technology to make our lives better

The CEF Digital Building Block Competence Centre

Our Competence Centre helps spreading awareness and provides technical support for whomever interested in using the set of digital tools of the Connecting Europe Facility Digital Program

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Taking off thanks to digitization

On June 23, the Digital Herne Business event "Durchstarten Dank Digitalisierung" will take place. Gianluca Dianese will speak here as a panelist on the topic of "Smart People City Herne" and IDEASFORUM e.V. - Shaping the Smart City Herne together". To learn more about...

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We foster innovation through open source technologies and global collaboration. 


Bringing together actors from the civil society to exploit the potential of open source, building a strong culture of participation, collaboration and sharing. 

Field of activities

The Open Source Culture

Open Source Programs foster a culture that privileges doing over endless planning, actively contributing to common goals over immediate egoistic results and, last but not least, an ethos that values sharing. Participating to IDEASFORUM means embracing these values, bringing together and accepting diverse experiences to assure that anybody’s contribution is valued and considered.

Smart Cities

Several FIWARE experts in system integration and smart data management are there to help developers and public administrations in:

1. Smart solutions validation,

2. Building knowledge on data acquisition layers,

3. Technical support to deploy pilots and proof of concept.

Smart Energy

Researchers & scientists from Academia and Industry are leading FIWARE’s efforts in the energy domain and can assist you in:

1. Mapping energy data models, 

2. Optimizing generic open source enablers for energy applications and 

3. support the development of solutions for local energy communities.

Smart Mobility

Our experts share with the FORUM’s community their technological and regulatory expertise in the field of transportation, mobility, electric mobility.

Open Source for Public Services

We share our knowledge on European driven Initiatives like the Connecting Europe Facilities (CEF) Digital or the ISA2 Program that provide plenty of software and financial resources to drive digital transformation for the benefit of European citizens. 

Sociological & Economic Research

With the support of research centres and the department of Sociology @ University of Köln, we intend to consider and analyse the sociological implications of implementing new technologies to deliver services to our communities. Will citizens accept new digital public services, will COVID-19 facilitate adoption and for how long? And are these changes here to stay?



We put together people with different sensitivities, experiences, professional and cultural backgrounds and we encourage them to interact, to facilitate networking between future change and opinion makers. 


We ask to people who has already addressed specific topics to tell us their stories. We want to learn, possibly from the best, so that the sharing of their experiences can help us making sense out of “best practices”, by hearing from the ones who lived them. 

Sandbox Playground Validation

We want to help developers, public authorities, businesses and energy players to come together and have the chance to easily evaluate solutions and applications in action. We will provide a virtual environment with simplified access for interested parties and help them validating features and match them to requirements. 

Living-Labs Visits

We help coordinating visits to show-rooms, living labs, or even deployment sites to allow decision makers to better understand how solutions and applications work and see, first hand, their impact on the communities where such technologies are already deployed.  

Brainstorming Sessions

We launch brainstorming get-together on socio-economic topics linked to the impact and possible changes that technology is bringing to our societies. We foster cooperation between Research Institutes and technology players to better understand the real implications of their work. 

Techpills Virtual Sessions

We organize sessions where technology experts address the audience by sharing their experience on specific technologies, architectures, deployment environments, etc. We foster knowledge sharing and cherish contributions from the Open Source Community. 


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Gianluca Dianese

Gianluca Dianese

CEF Digital


Pierre Golz

Pierre Golz

Stadt Herne


Wiebke Schuchardt

Wiebke Schuchardt

Innovation Hub



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