On 30.6.2021 it is going to happen! With the support of the city of Herne and umagine GmbH the Ideasforum becomes a registered association! Founding members are Gianluca Dianese (Ideasforum), Wiebke Schuchardt (Ideasforum),Dr. Frank Dudda (City of Herne), Pierre Golz (City of Herne), Sven Schuchardt (Umagine GmbH), Cem Sentürk (Umagine GmbH), Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schuster (Institute for Sustainable Urban Development), Prof. Dr. Antonello Monti (RWTH AACHEN), Ulrich Ahle (FIWARE Foundation), Christoph Reitenberger (City of Dormagen), Andreas Haug (City of Göppingen).

We are looking forward to many active members!