There is still time to join the webinar on The Contect Broker and BDTI organized by the CEF Digital team and featuring some of the most innovative digital transformation initiatives supported by the FIWARE “Context Broker” in Europe.

The agenda includes and introduction on BDTI in a nutshell from Blanca Martinez de Aragon, DG DIGIT and an overview and Highlights of the latest release on the platform from Francesca Vella, BDTI Team.
Of particular interest will be the case studies on the City of Florence pilot showcase, presented by Gianluca Vannuccini, City of Florence, the one from the City of Valencia from Laia Buigues Pastor, Valencian Regional Government.
After these presentations focused on BDTI, the focus will move on how to capture data through CEF Context Broker (CB), with a first intervention from Caroline Corneau, DG DIGIT (CB in a nutshell), an overview on Standardisation & Roadmap of updates to come from Ken Zangelin @ Fiware, a case study presentation on MaaS solution for the city of Florence: phoops’ experience, from our friend Benedetta Calott @, Phoops Srl.

You can registere at the following link.