On October 27th, a group of pioneers met to kick off the activities of the Smart Cities Competence Centre of the IDEASFORUM Innovation Hub.

Cities, Utilities, Academia, Civil Society and Industry were equally represented and the level of the discussions was extremely factual and 3 working groups were proposed as concrete starting points for the work of the domain:

  1. Working Group on trustworthy AI and transparent use of data, to help Public Administrations and industry engaging with the Public Sector having clear guidance and understanding of the ethics of processing data and how can we engage citizens, sharing knowledge and increasing awareness of their rights and benefits in the processing of personal data.
  2. Working Group on sustainable business models, focused in designing concrete business frameworks in order to assure not only successful implementation but also continuous operations of digital transformation initiatives.
  3. Working Group on Street Lighting technologies, to coordinate a review of demands from public agencies and favour a joint interaction with the lighting industry, in order to achieve better match of demand and offer for lighting products and guarantee economies of scale.

The working groups will start their actives in the following days, with umagine GmbH supporting and coordinating their activities in the first phases.

Two honoured guests, Rami Sivary (a thought leader on e-mobility charging infrastructure) and Karl Nyman (manager at Gofore, the Finnish ICT company that is one of the biggest contributors to the X-road e-government open source community) joined us and contributed to the discussion.

Should you be interested in participating, feel free to reach out to the IDEASFORUM Team.